Choosing the best Metro service level


When you need something delivered same-day within the same city, you’ll want our Metro service. Here’s how to choose the right service level and how the charges are calculated.

GT-EX has three levels of Metro service, for courier service within major capital cities including Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane and more. Each service is a same-day, door-to-door delivery.

The services are named M90, M180, and M240 after the speed of each service in minutes. So, the M90 will take 90 minutes or less. M180 is a 180-minute or 3-hour service. And the M240 will get your documents or packages there in under 240 minutes or 4 hours.

Metro services are charged by distance in kilometres, plus a base charge per item and a small surcharge if there are tolls on the driver’s route. As you might expect, the M90 is the most expensive service and the M240 is the least expensive. Choose the one that suits your deadlines best. All the services have the same tracking and proof of delivery, and the same attentive monitoring from our staff.