Couriers for financial services companies


We talked to some of our financial services clients about why they chose GT-EX for courier services. Here are the top things they love about GT-EX.

We offer flexible invoicing terms. Our clients have different billing cycles and accounts payable requirements, and they appreciate that we can run weekly, monthly, or calendar-monthly invoice cycles.

We provide full backing sheets including a range of electronic formats. Financial services clients often need to allocate courier expenses by cost centre, job, or department, which is easy with GT-EX. And for accounts payable departments with strict invoice checking, an electronic backing sheet to cross-reference charges against jobs is essential. Don’t just trust that you’re getting what you pay for, verify it.

Deliveries by our own drivers. GT-EX has its own vans and drivers in key Australian and New Zealand centres like Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. Our clients appreciate the way that their most important documents and packages are delivered by a uniformed GT-EX driver in a branded vehicle. And it’s not just a matter of protecting your corporate image. We’re in constant radio contact with our drivers, so getting a status update or communicating a last-minute change of plans is a breeze.

The mail run. For our most valued clients, we pick up mail from their post office box and lodge outgoing mail with Australia Post. One less thing to worry about! Our courier service is better than Post and actually less expensive, assuming you care enough about your documents and parcels to want them tracked. So we don’t mind dropping the other stuff off at the post office.

Dedicated account manager, Australian and New Zealand staff answering the phones. This one isn’t unique to our financial services clients. We hear from many of our clients how refreshing it is to pick up the phone and talk directly to someone who takes care of things. Try it: call 1300 732 425 or 0800 600 210 and prepare to be amazed.